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New York County, New York, more accurately known as the Borough of Manhattan or Manhattan Island, is the place tourists usually refer to as New York City. (NYC actually consists of five boroughs, of which Manhattan is only one.)

Manhattan’s dramatic skyline symbolizes New York to the world. New York County, Manhattan Island, NY is bounded by the Hudson River on the west, New York Bay on the south, the East River on the east, and the Harlem River and Spuyten Duyvil Creek on the northeast and north. Many bridges, tunnels, and ferries link New York County to the other boroughs and to New Jersey.

Many well-known destinations are harbored on this island. Broadway, Central Park, Times Square, Wall Street, Madison Avenue, Greenwich Village, The Empire State Building and the former World Trade Center or “Ground Zero” are all clustered here.

New York County, NY (Manhattan) has a total population of 1,562,723 according to the U.S. Census 2004 estimate. That’s a population density of 66,940 persons per square mile, making New York County the most densely populated area in America.

Median household income, $47,030, is ahead of the state level of $43,393, and per capita income of $42,922 is almost double that of the state average. It is a city of extremes. Manhattan has one of the largest concentrations of extreme wealth in the entire United States, while containing specific areas of concentrated poverty, such as Harlem.

This 24 square mile island of Manhattan is the cultural and commercial heart of the city. A popular haven for art, the neighborhood of Chelsea in downtown Manhattan, is widely known for its galleries and cultural events. The late 1970’s popularized an ongoing "pop art" movement in the city, which flourishes today. Among the best known of the city's many arts museums are the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Frick Collection (housed in the Frick mansion) and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

New York City is a vibrant center for commerce and business and one of the three “world cities”, along with London and Tokyo, that control world finance. Manufacturing of small but highly diverse products, accounts for a large but declining amount of employment. Clothing and other apparel, such as furs; chemicals; metal products; and processed foods are some of the principal items manufactured here. They are also a major center of television broadcasting, book publishing, advertising, and other facets of mass communication.

New York County, New York is also famous for its ethnic diversity, manifesting itself in scores of communities representing virtually every nation on earth, each preserving its identity. Little Italy and Chinatown date back to the mid-19th cent. African Americans from the South began to migrate to Harlem after 1910, and in the 1940’s large numbers of Puerto Ricans and other Hispanic Americans began to settle in what is now known as Spanish Harlem.

Ethnic and cultural diversity are celebrated in New York County, NY. Since the 1980s New York City has undergone substantial population growth, primarily due to new immigration from Latin America, Asia, Jamaica, Haiti, the Soviet Union - Russia, and Africa.

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